About Us

We are a firm of investment managers specialising on long - term equity investments and short - term derivatives based integrated investment system. The system can be universally applied in all the principal markets i.e. LSE/NYSE/NASDAQ/DAX/CAC and NSE.

We constantly strive to update our knowledge, expertise and strategies for steadfast returns with minimal risk. We have systemized the entry and exit parameters, timing for maximum yields and have perfected hedging techniques for optimization of returns. Years and years of experience is what allows us to make confident decisions. Collectively, our research provides us with the best opportunity to profit via shrewd hedged future/option strategies, on a consistent basis.

  • Mr. Govindarajan Venkatapuram Ramanujam, Principal Partner, of Vedram investment Advisors, was part of a Audit/consultancy firm that was engaged by three top mutual funds in India, to suggest improvements in their operational efficiency. These assignments enabled him to have a close view of the fund operations/strategies for more than three years.
  • Inspired and fascinated by the potential he saw in this field of activity, he formed a team to formulate an improved investment system, and further fine-tuned the same under live market conditions for over Two years. Hard work put-in by people behind the firm has enabled them, to look as well as, be ahead of the market.
  • He has built a strong team to support him particularly in the research, operations , back office and data collection area.
  • Mr.Govindarajan, is a Chartered Accountant, with over 30 years of career exposure to the Capital Market.
  • As a Merchant Banker, he has managed several IPOs during the Eighties. Subsequently he became a member of the Madras Stock exchange and later a Whole-time Director of a Corporate member of the National Stock Exchange of India. Since 1995, he has chosen to specialise in Stock Investment Management with a passion for identifying investment/trading opportunities through volume–price analysis and relationship between traded volumes in cash/derivatives in the same security.
  • He, has profound understanding of and insight to the stock market, is proficient in both fundamental and technical-analysis, the pre-requisites for a successful career in investment advisory and management.